The Blue Pike Awards Approach

Sunday, February 9, 2014, The Blue Pike Independent Music Awards will be honoring local musicians, at the Erie Masonic Temple,  32 W 8th St, Erie PA.

The award show is being sponsored by Basement Transmissions, The Erie Reader and PACA. The goal of the event is to showcase local talent in the underground music and art scenes. The name of the award show comes from a fish that was a valuable commodity for the great lakes but was fished into extinction. Bob Jensen picked the Blue Pike as the symbol for the awards, after seeing the culture and music that he loves begin to go extinct, from the city that he loves.

Blue Pikes will be given to local artists in the rock, metal, electronica, and acoustic genres, based on voting  from fans and artists through the The Blue Pike Awards’ website. The Blue Pike Award show is an all ages event. Doors open 5 pm. and the event will continue until 10 pm. Tickets are available for, $12 in advance, at or $15 at the door. The event will include performances from local acts: Optimistic Apocalypse, Spethz and Tea Time for Three.

We'll see you there!

Bob Jensen has a simple goal for the award show. His gauge for success is, “a packed house and a good time for all”.